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Fan On A Budget: Cooling Down Without Breaking The Bank

As we approach the hot and sticky end to Summer, it’s a good time to consider a fan that doesn’t put a huge dent in your pocket. So Breathe some life into your home this summer with Andrew’s budget fans for taking the edge off the heat. The YAMBA The Yamba comes in at a […]

5 Fans Guaranteed To Perfect Your Alfresco Area This Summer

The Fiji AC fan in a hamptons styled room.

As the mercury begins to rise over spring, it’s time to dust off the fans and get ready to beat the heat. Breathe some life into your home this summer with Andrew’s 5 favorite fans for featuring in any space, but especially your outdoor/alfresco areas. The Bali DC in Dark Koa First up, the gorgeous, […]

CCT LED | Everything You Need To Know

CCT LED light is a new innovation in LED lighting, but what is it exactly? How can it be a benefit to you and your home? CCT refers to Colour Changing Technology. While most LED panels are one temperature, meaning you decide the warmth of light pre-purchase, CCT allows you to change the LED’s colour temperature on […]

Pendant Lighting | Everything You Need To Know

Selecting The Best Pendant Lights For Your Space With pendant lighting, it’s all about making a statement. We’ve got a few helpful tips for you to pick out the right pendant for your area, and really give your home that WOW factor. Pendant lighting can transform a bleak, lifeless room into a beautiful interior that […]