Our ceiling fan range is extensive – with conventional AC (alternating current) fans and DC (direct current) energy saving models. We offer a range of accessories for our ceiling fans, including extension down rods for applications with higher than average ceilings.

AC Ceiling Fans

All ceiling fans provide an energy efficient air movement solution. Even if you have air conditioning, a ceiling fan will improve air flow and reduce your energy demand. AC Ceiling Fans are simple, robust and effective in air movement. Most AC Ceiling Fans are supplied with a wall control, usually 3 speed, and are simple to install. In most cases AC Ceiling Fans are less expensive than DC Ceiling fans.

DC Ceiling Fans

The range and availability of quality DC Ceiling Fans is growing. When you look at air movement to power used ratio – DC ceiling fans usually use less energy than AC ceiling fans. While DC fans are more expensive than AC, the lower energy consumption makes them a better mid to long term investment. Our range of DC Ceiling Fans are supplied with a remote control offering full control of the fans’s speeds, forward and reverse (for winter) directions and light if included.

A selection of our Ceiling Fans currently on sale

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