6 Powerful Outdoor Lights That Will Revolutionize Your Patio

As Aussies around the country prepare for that familiar sweltering Summer sun, it’s important to check in on the areas that were neglected while we were all in hibernation. Pool, how are you doing? Outdoor seating area, are you holding up ok? Garden, are you still alive?

With Summer just over the horizon, it’s time to give your outdoor area some tender loving care and check out Andrews 6 favorite outdoor lights that are bound to spark some life into the forgotten areas of your residence.

The HIGHGATE Outdoor Light

Four varieties of the HIGHGATE outdoor light.

Overflowing with traditional British style, we have the Highgate. This beauty is available in a myriad of colors as well as UP or DOWN depending on buyer preference. Powder-coated aluminum with clear, beveled glass panels allows this versatile piece to weather any storm, making it the perfect candidate for any outdoor setting.

The Highgate coach outdoor light with sensor

If you’re after a light to guide you home, never fear, the Highgate Sensor is here. A heavy-duty passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) will light up any nook and cranny as you arrive home from a night on the town. If you can get just 5 meters from the Highgate Sensor, its guiding light will help you back into the safety of your home.

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The MONACO Bollard

Our MONACO outdoor garden bollard light

Pathway lighting is a vital aspect of any outdoor area. If you don’t want your guests (or yourself) tripping over your garden gnomes, a bollard light post is the fitting for you. The Monaco bollard is a picture-perfect pathway light, designed to discreetly cast light downward to bring out colors and features of any walkway around the house. Downward casting light has the added benefit of reducing glare, with no harsh lights being thrown into anybody’s eyes! This rugged aluminum bollard has the added benefit of energy-saving LED technology. A perfect choice for managing your electricity bill over summer alongside your air-conditioning.

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The GOYA Outdoor Light

Our GOYA outdoor spike light in a garden bed

Perfect for accent or task lighting, (read up on the difference here in our garden lighting blog!) the Goya is a retro-styled copper pathway light that will add a bit of pizzazz to any garden area. A benefit to copper is that it is greatly suited to any weather condition, so it will last a long time and develop a lovely natural patina. This stunner is a quick and easy DIY connection away from sparking some joy in your outdoor area.

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The FAIRVIEW Coach Light

Two of our FAIRVIEW coach lights

Bringing turn-of-the-century architecture back to life is the Fairview outdoor coach wall light. This whimsical wall light features a di-cast frame and obscure glass, adding to the authentic old-timey aesthetic. Finish this eye-catching fitting off with an LED vintage filament globe to add some warmth to your patio area. The Fairview is available in black and white, allowing it to fit just about anywhere.

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The DOMO Outdoor Light

A series of DOMO lights

A more modern take on our coach wall lights, the Domo is our most popular outdoor wall light. A clear glass diffuser and textured, powder-coated aluminum frame add character to a simple, yet powerful fixture. This contemporary coach light is available in 3 colors to match any outdoor aesthetic choices you might make. The Domo is a subtle light that doesn’t detract from your other stylistic decisions but complements any setting with ease.

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The ZETA Spotlight

For all your task lighting needs, the Zeta is absolutely the best choice. Available in a plethora of setups, bulb numbers, and directional capabilities, the Zeta fills just about any role an outdoor light needs to. Featuring swivel rotational bulb fixtures, you can highlight just about any area of your patio or garden that you’d like. Practical design and multi-purpose light make the Zeta an obvious choice in any home renovation.

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Lighting up your patio, outdoor area, and garden can seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of knowledge and inspiration, a little can go a long way. Shop in-store or online today, and ask one of our lighting experts for help if need be.

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Posted by Andrews Light Up on Sunday, 13 September 2020