The team at Andrews Light Up take every opportunity to support local community activities, some of which are detailed below. 

We have been fortunate to be part of some great community initiatives.

Art from the Margins

For many years Andrews Light Up has supported Art From The Margins.

Since 2008, Art from the Margins (AFTM) has been instrumental in bringing artists together and bridging the gap between artists living in isolation, the public and the wider community.

AFTM supports and promotes the work of artists living with adversity, disadvantage and social isolation, including artists living with mental health issues, physical or intellectual disabilities and homelessness.

AFTM currently provides exhibition and professional development opportunities for over 400 artists living in and around the Brisbane area. AFTM is a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Brisbane.


We continue to support Youngcare. We were initially involved in assisting to realise their dream to build apartments at Sinnamon Park and have continued  that support in the development of the Coomera apartment project

Suitable and appropriate supported housing is one of the greatest areas of unmet need for people with disabilities in Australia. Currently, there are 12,000 young people being left behind in inappropriate housing simply because there is nowhere else for them to go.

To find out more about Youngcare, click here.

Local Support

Andrews Light Up have, and continue to, supported many local community organisations and activities including:

St Catherine’s United Football Club

Rotary Club of Jindalee