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Believe it or not, the chandelier (among other lighting sources) hasn’t always existed. During medieval times, cooking fires in open pits were responsible for the lighting of your home.

When the candle was invented during the dark ages, they were costly and reserved for only the wealthiest class. The 14th century brought the first chandelier, using a gnarly wooden cross with candle skewered spikes at each end. The artistry of chandeliers began to shift and change over time. Chandelier makers began building more complex patterns made from cut glass combined with bronze and steel to illuminate castle entrances, bedrooms, and dining halls. They soon became a symbol of status, wealthy landowners would bid for the best craftsmen of the day to manufacture beautiful pieces of art that served both as a source of light and as a talking piece for guests.

The Classic Delaware Pendant.

Chandeliers are still highly regarded because of this. Today, through great design and perfect placement, the chandelier can realistically have the same effect. However, there are a few things to consider when picking and placing your new statement piece.

Modern chandeliers range from traditional aesthetics to the more modern and varied designs. Most home owners are also using the chandelier in rooms other than just the dining room or foyer. For instance,the bedroom, bathroom and even walk-in closets are becoming hotspots for the statement piece. With many different sizes, you can put a chandelier in almost any location. Newer LED compatible designs mean you won’t have to worry as much about changing the bulb.

The Vicky.35 pendant

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Chandelier Technical Tips:

In a dining room, a chandelier that is around 30cm narrower than the smaller dimension of the dining room table will look great. For example, if your table is 1.2m x 1.8m, then the recommended width of the fixture is approximately 90cm. The fixture should hang around 75cm above the table with a 2.4m ceiling height. For each additional 30cm of ceiling height, add 2.5cm. With a ceiling of 3m, the chandelier should hang approximately 80cm above the table. It’s easy to fall into the trap of hanging your chandelier too high above your table.

Try to find a finish that supports the aesthetic of your room. Being a statement piece you want it to be the centre of attention, but not for the wrong reasons.

The Traditional Gaston.

Lastly, combining your chandelier with a dimmer allows for the ultimate control of the mood within any space.

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