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Selecting The Best Pendant Lights For Your Space

With pendant lighting, it’s all about making a statement. We’ve got a few helpful tips for you to pick out the right pendant for your area, and really give your home that WOW factor. Pendant lighting can transform a bleak, lifeless room into a beautiful interior that inspires greatness.

With so many different styles, colours and materials to choose from, pendant lights can go from being a simple source of light to a living piece of art in a space that inspires greatness.

With all this room for greatness, it’s important to pick the right pendant for you. To help, we’ve put together a short list of things for you to consider when purchasing a new pendant fixture, so you can get started.

Purpose Of The Pendant Light

The first consideration is the purpose the pendant will serve in the space. Pendants can be very versatile in a space, and can actually serve more than one purpose. When selecting, keep a specific purpose in mind and don’t get too carried away, and don’t stray too far from your initial intention. 

Using this list below, what purpose is your pendant going to serve?

  • General light source, covering everything (Ambient Lighting)
  • More focused lighting for certain tasks (Task Lighting)
  • Highlight specific areas of your space (Accent Lighting)

The colour and intensity of the bulb you choose will also influence the effect your lighting has in a space.

Purpose Tips

Most pendants will be for ambient lighting, therefore, consider one with a light diffuser or use semi-opaque bulbs, to avoid bright light circles being cast (not a good look!). Because of this, it’s worth considering something a softer glow, a pendant where the light is diffused through a fabric shade is a great option.

If it’s for task lighting, consider a pendant that is open at the top to ensure the light cast under it isn’t too harsh. Because glass or acrylic shade pendants will maximise light output and emit a focused light, they are great for this purpose.

When looking at accent lighting, adding a dimmer switch to your pendant lights can really help create a versatile fixture that can serve multiple purposes depending on the occasion.

The Pendant Light In The Space

It’s very important to consider the size of the space before picking a pendant. You can read a great guide on measuring your room for a pendant here for instance.

Pendants that are too large in a space will make the room feel cluttered and claustrophobic, while a pendant that is too small will not function the way a pendant should.

Above all, the larger the space, the larger the fixture should be.

Positioning Your Pendant Lights Within A Room

If your room needs ambient lighting, position pendants evenly throughout the space.

Clustering is a technique that can be used to create a new space in the corner of a room or to beautify a stairwell with a waterfall of light. For instance, our Terros pendants in a cluster on the left.

Experiment with hanging pendants at different heights, or even selecting different styles of pendants from the same pendant range for instance.

Hanging Your Pendant Lights

Finally, the most important aspect to installing pendant lights, is the height at which you hang them.

Hang your pendant too low, and it will serve as an obstruction to views across the room, and will also create a claustrophobic environment. Hang your pendant too high, and it will be lost in the space. Generally, larger should hang higher while smaller lights can be hung lower.

A Few Tips:

  • Task lighting pendants in areas like kitchen sinks look great hanging around 1.8m from the floor, similarly to a kitchen counter/island.
  • If the pendant is above a dining table, around 1.6m from the floor will allow diners to still see each other and converse properly while still remaining a bold statement piece in the room.
  • Pendants with retractable cords make height adjustment a breeze, and you can quickly adapt it to any space, however, it’s important to get a good idea of size and heigh from the get go.

Check out the gallery below for some pendant inspiration!

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