Take a trip down memory lane | Vintage and Retro Styling Tips

Adding hints of traditional, vintage features or retro-inspired accents, you can create the ultimate modern home with a nostalgic feel attached. Nothing says home more than putting your own unique spin on classic interior styling, so we’ve outlined a few tips to guide you through your restyling mission.

Vintage Styling

The early 20th century introduced an era of glamour and decadence. When it comes to recreating vintage interiors, be careful not to overdo it. Here’s some ideas to turn your modern home into a vintage-inspired masterpiece, and not your nanna’s place.

There are a few ways to achieve that perfect mix of traditional and contemporary within the home. Firstly, incorporating the main vintage centrepiece within a room. Choose one vintage feature for each room. Perhaps a vintage Chesterfield couch as the centrepiece of the living room, a ‘30s bookshelf in the study, and an antique table in the dining room.

To enhance a room’s vintage feel, especially a larger room, you might want to add a second piece of charming furniture. Something with novelty value like a record player is a great idea for a lounge room and is sure to act as a great conversation-starter. A large mirror or piece of art within a bedroom can really strengthen that nostalgia feel and tie your whole look together. 

Let there be vintage light

When it comes to lighting, make use of desk lamps that incorporate vintage materials like brass and ceramics. You might also opt for a feature floor lamp in the living room for another secondary element that oozes old school charm.

Retro styling

Retro styling is all about items that imitate the flavours of the mid to late 20th century. Think vibrant colours, extravagant patterns and furniture with bold, curved shapes. If you’re looking for inspiration, there really is no better excuse to take a trip down memory lane – sit down and tune into a few of the popular TV shows and movies from the era. When integrating retro into your modern home we recommend picking a decade between the 1950s and 1980s and stick to it as a theme throughout your home. Chopping and changing between decades is risky business and can lead to a confused-looking place.

In contrast to vintage styling, which is typically about having one feature piece as the hero in the room, you should aim to incorporate a few different retro-inspired features into a space. Remember to think outside the box when choosing retro features. You might consider unique seating options like bean bags or stools, retro-style appliances like 1960’s inspired fridges and toasters, as well as creative lighting options like arching floor lamps and bold hanging pendant lights. If you’re feeling particularly daring with your retro styling, add neon lights to your home either in the lounge room or above a bedhead.

When it comes to colour schemes, you should consult the colour wheel and choose colours that complement each other. Bold oranges complement deep navy blues and are a classic combination within retro homes. Other popular colours include shades of yellows, browns, blues, reds, black and white as well as pastel colours. There are also plenty of online tools you can use to create your own retro theme.

Looking for retro styling inspiration?

We recommend starting a Pinterest mood board. Once you’re inspired, start hunting for the perfect vintage or retro pieces for each room. The good news? What’s old is new again! You can find retro-styled appliances and furniture inspired by the early 20th century just about anywhere. If you’re looking for lamps, pendants or advice on pulling off the style in your home, head to your local Andrews Light Up and one of our friendly staff will help you find the perfect lighting for your modern vintage or retro home.

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