Is Black the New White? | Using Black Feature Lighting

Providing that exciting contrast, a black light fitting makes a statement. In most applications, the use of a black feature lighting draws attention without shouting and most often doesn’t clash with every other “colour”.

While black is not a colour, it is probably fast becoming the “colour” most often used in feature lighting.

Using Black Feature Pendant in a Dining Room

Using black properly can create a wonderful interior design setting that is welcoming, modern and comfy.

Black can so easily add punch, drama and much sophistication to a room.

Often when trying to bring together a design incorporating a feature light it is difficult to source something that will stand the test of time. Some colours are fashionable this season, but not next – where black is a perennial.

The tasteful use of black in light fittings can bring a dramatic “wow” into an otherwise plain entry hall, dining room or stairwell.

Lighting Efficiency

There are a few things to consider when using a black light fitting, one of the most important is the practical light output. Now if you have chosen the light purely for the design or the look, then this is of no concern.

But if you want to actually shed some light, there are some things to think about. Will you get light, and will it be sufficient for the application?

If, for example, the shade you have chosen is all black, so inside and out, it won’t assist in collecting and directing the light.

If on the other hand it is black on the outside but reflective on the inside (like painted white) then you get a win-win.

[These YARD.35 shades make a statement on the ROPE.3 pendant; lined in white the shades give great light.]


All black finishes are not the same; gloss, matt, sandy – there are a number. In the end it comes down to availability (the fitting you like will probably only come in one black finish).

You should consider the finish and how easily it can be cleaned. Most “black” fittings in our range are “satin black” – so not gloss and not matt – a nice in-between.

Ultimately, choosing a feature light or lamp is very personal and reflective of your taste and style. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a feature black designer style light fitting, be bold!

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