Renovation Interior Design Inspiration

The best part of a renovation? Choosing the inspiration. If you’re interested in this year’s interior design trends keep on reading.


It is no surprise that minimalist interior design is majorly trending at the moment. As a simple, cost effective layout, this design creates more room space and accentuates stand out furniture pieces. Use neutral colour schemes, smart, stylish storage solutions and different fabric textures in similar colour tones.

For lighting solutions, try a bright, lonesome lamp for living areas and few, warm- tone downlights for smaller rooms.


If you’re looking for a more loud and proud form of interior design, Industrial is for you. Industrial design highlights lighting and wiring fixtures rather than hiding them. Lighting and wiring fixtures often become the centerpiece of a room for this design.

Add to the industrial flair with a lot of brick and steel, exposed pipes and vintage furniture. With this design you can also get creative with your lighting solutions. Try steel lights and hanging warm- tone pendant lights. 


For the free spirits out there, perhaps a boho design is more your thing. Bohemian design originated from the nomadic travelling gypsy era and incorporates a lot of symbolic features. The most common integrated styles are Nordic, Moroccan and Tribal. Though, there are only a few rules associated with this style, so feel free to be creative and add your own flair. Start with a simple base and integrate patterns, contrasting fabrics, books, art and plants and a mix of lanterns, low hanging pendants and a lot of natural light .


Rustic interior design is all about capturing countryside style in a modern home. This is usually done by including accents of historic or country inspired furniture pieces. A helpful hint to creating a rustic look on a budget is to check out furniture at your local second- hand shop. Look for statement pieces made from raw materials such as wood and stone. When decorating a rustic room, opt for leather or suede accents as well as natural fabrics like cotton and wool. If you’re wanting to incorporate the whole rustic look, add bold wooden beams to the roof. Opt for warm- tone pendant lighting. 


One of our personal favourite interior designs is the Hamptons style home. This style integrates the beachfront feel into any home. To create the Hamptons style, you will need light or white finish timber, a coastal colour palette, seaside inspired artwork and a lot of natural light. You should also opt for basket or woven lights to tie in with the bright and breezy colour scheme of the home.