Hamptons Style: What You Need To Know

A Hamptons styled interior featuring our Domo outdoor light.

Hamptons style interiors are typically bright and fresh with a coastal feel that calms and relaxes any guest. Hamptons style has become increasingly prominent in Australian design recently thanks to its laid back, summery aesthetic that seamlessly fits into the Australian lifestyle. Today we delve into the ins and outs of Hamptons styling and some lighting tips to bring everything together.

What is Hamptons style?

It’s typically characterized by using masculine features outside. Stately columns, ox-eye windows, and pediments, with shingle or weatherboard-clad outside walls. Interiors feature plush furnishings and stunning marble. The perfect blend of coastal meets luxe.

A hamptons style bedroom with the TANAH natural pendant shade displayed.
The TANAH Natural Pendant Shade (click to view!)

Australian interpretation of Hamptons style is a little bit more laidback, combining coastal elements with the more polished Hamptons look.

What are the main colours?

Hamptons interiors are typically characterized by tones such as yellow, neutral, white, and green. Pair warm neutral tones with coastal blues, and try layering various shades of blue. Grey tones of colours, such as mint green and duck egg blue are ideal. Cream with black accents, or black with bronze and white accents match marvelously to natural materials. Colours such as these are great ways to achieve the Hamptons look in any room.

What fabrics are typical of the style?

Natural materials and fabrics for both furniture and homewares are ideal, and focus on texture in the home, such as stone and timber. Look for pieces made from timber, leather, linen, cotton, and wool.

What furniture suits Hamptons style interiors?

Due to their neutral colour palette, Hamptons homes cater to a broad variety of furnishings, however some suit the aesthetic better than others. Arrange your furniture in such a way that is fostering conversation and entertainment.

The Andrews Light Up Southport pendant hanging over a dining table.
The SOUTHPORT pendant (click here to view!)

Large indoor plants with lush greenery are a great complement to the style. Upholstered lounge furniture and sculptural, nautical statement pieces are well suited to any Hamptons interior.

Aim for comfort. Soft-cushioned seating such as ottomans, couches, and single seat chairs are a must. Scatter cushions in tone fitting colours are a no-brainer for this homey aesthetic.

Lighting for Hamptons interiors

When it comes to nailing a trend, it’s all in the details. The use of traditional-shaped pendant lights in the right colour can add a certain charm to your space. Ensuring your room has multiple light sources with a heavy focus on natural light, alongside a mix of table and floor lamps will really bring your Hamptons aesthetic dreams to fruition.

Wall lights, sconces, and natural pendants are popular in this style, softly lighting the interior. Avoid direct lighting, as it can be a bit too harsh for other deco choices. Dimmable switches are a must for creating more intimate settings with your

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