Floor Lamps for practical light and atmosphere

Floor lamps have many applications in a living space. Whether to provide general, ambient light or directional task light.

A well placed floor lamp can light a room all on its own. It provides an option to overhead lighting.

Functional and decorative, express yourself with a floor lamp.

Often overlooked by lighting designers, the effective placement and use of floor lamps can completely transform the space.

Whether it is a living room, where the addition of a floor lamp can make a significant difference to the overall feel bringing light and atmosphere to where you need it – and if it isn’t quite right, you can move it.

The placement of the lamp is as important as the selection itself. There are many situations where moving a floor lamp from one corner of the room to another can completely change the feel of the room. Try it!

When it comes to decorative floor lamps – the Andrews Light Up range is extensive and our team can assist you to find the best lamp & shade combination to suit your requirements.