Creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space

Small Spaces

Small outdoor entertaining spaces are not necessarily a disadvantage when it comes to decorating. By incorporating a few different elements in a small space will make it appear larger. Decking is a great idea to make the entertaining spaces pop as well as pot plants, hanging lights and vertical gardens. In order to use your outdoor entertaining spaces during the Australian summer, you’re going to need a source of cooling. When it comes to fans, small areas are actually an advantage. This is because fans usually require nearby walls for the air to bounce off to create that breeze. Stainless steel and timber fans are perfect for creating that cool breeze in the warmer months and they are less susceptible to the elements.

You can also brighten up small areas with a few, small, minimalistic downlights or party lights with a few exterior garden lights to make the space feel larger during the afternoon and nighttime. In terms of decorating, during the warmer months incorporate your neutral colours with hints of brighter, pastel highlights. Mustard, pale blue, and lilac purple are our picks for this season.

Large Spaces

For larger spaces, you have a lot more flexibility in your entertaining space design. You can expand your decking as the main feature of the outdoor space to give yourself that extra room for entertaining or break up the decking to provide different nooks to entertain in the outdoor space. Perhaps a large deck for entertaining and a smaller deck for lounging on a Sunday afternoon is the way to go. Having a larger outdoor area might make keeping it cool a little more difficult however, a larger fan or a fan with longer blades or else placing a regular fan near the walls of the patio will achieve the same effect.

In a large space, lighting is an important part of creating that lively atmosphere. You can opt for simple downlights to light up the central entertaining spaces and incorporate bulkhead lights to guide around the house perimeter. Party lights and exterior garden lights are also a good idea to emphasise the backyard garden, surrounding the pool or other features and accentuating large trees. As mentioned before, incorporating a theme of pastel and pale colours will bring your space to life.

Accentuating Greenery

Gardens are a must when creating the ultimate entertaining space for the holidays. Whether it’s a small or large area, you can complement by the size and type of garden. For large outdoor gardens, you can accentuate large trees with an uplight centred at the base of the trunk. The reflection from the tree will create a beautiful natural silhouette and bring life to the garden.

For smaller gardens, why not make a vertical garden and bring it to life with flowing party lights to create a feature wall. Otherwise, scatter a few small pot plants or flowers highlighted with some small lantern lights in the nooks of the patio.

Finishing Touches

Add some intimate lighting to the entertaining table such as smaller lantern lights or candles to give it that homely feel. If you’re hosting the Christmas party, invest in a speaker system so you can keep those Christmas carols going into the evening. Now just to add some cheese, dips and champagne and enjoy your ultimate entertaining space.