6 Natural Pendants To Complete Your Hamptons Home

Natural cane shade in a hamptons styled interior

Natural Pendants are all the rage right now. Seamlessly adapting to any style choice you make in your home, Cane Shades are pretty much a must-buy for 2021 interiors. But how can you utilize them to master your Hamptons homes?

Here are Andrew’s 6 Natural Cane Shades that are bound to add that final piece of magic to your Hamptons styling.

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Crafted from paper string, the PADANG is a new addition to our Earth Lighting range. Perfectly suited for a vast range of styles, this natural pendant shade is a versatile powerhouse that can adapt to any space. Looks fantastic with a PARTI suspension, available separately. The PADANG works wonders to round out a Hamptons styled interior.

The Padang, in 33cm size over a kitchen island.

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2. The BATU

A simple, yet elegant pendant shade; perfect as a statement piece in an entryway, dining or living area. Meticulously handcrafted from real cane and delivered in a natural finish. If you’re after a more unique look for the Batu, pair it with one of many E27 suspensions. Any Hamptons-styled interior would be made magical with one of these natural pendants.

The Batu natural shade.
The Batu in 48cm, suspended over a dining room table.

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3. The METTE

Lending itself seamlessly to a variety of styles including eclectic, Scandinavian, coastal, the Mette pendant shade is a tasteful addition to any home. The spacious rattan weave and wide shade pairs perfectly with a decorative LED globe. The Mette has a 43mm shade ring, suitable for use with our Parti Suspensions. The Mette is bound to add that eye-catching element to any Hamptons space.

The Mette shade suspended over a dining room table.
A 35cm Mette shade suspended in a cluster over a dining room table.

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4. The TANAH

One of our new natural pendants, gazing at the Tanah bestows feelings of tranquillity as peaceful, beachside memories wash over you. Perfect for a dining or living area. Made of real cane and delivered in a natural finish, this shade can be paired with a variety of E27 suspensions, allowing for a more individualized look. This versatile beauty can adapt to any Hamptons setting.

The Tanah natural cane shade suspended in a living area.

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5. The ODEN

Another gorgeous new addition to our Earth Lighting range of natural pendant. Lovely in a cluster, the Oden rattan shade suits an array of different styles. The spacious rattan weave and elongated shade pairs perfectly with a decorative LED globe. The Oden has a 43mm shade ring, suitable for use with our Parti Suspensions. This shade is perfect for any interior but fits wonderfully in Hamptons spaces.

The Oden natural cane shade suspended over a dining setting
The ODEN, suspended in a pair over a dining room setting.

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Our latest addition to the Earth Lighting range, the Kupang is a stylish, geometric-accented cane shade. This shade lends itself to many different stylings and looks fantastic with big, showpiece bulbs. Sporting a 43mm shade ring, our versatile Parti suspensions work wonders in combination. This statement shade makes for a fine addition to any Hamptons area in your home, and two sizes make it viable for a single or clustered look.

The Kupang natural cane shade

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While natural pendants are beautiful on their own, they are brought to life by their suspension. A suspension is a simple cord that connects the shade to the ceiling and houses the light bulb. Available in a few different colors and styles, suspension cords can really round out the style of your natural pendant, and bridge any potential design gaps in the space. For natural pendants, we recommend our PARTI suspension.

A graphic showing our White/Clear and Black suspension cords.
A series of our Parti suspension styles.

Sporting an E27 lamp holder, the Parti suspension requires a shade ring 43mm in diameter. Available in a variety of different colors to suit any space. Once installed (by an electrician), the shades can be easily changed as the décor or mood changes.

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We hope this guide to our new Natural Pendants has given you some inspiration for your next lighting purchase. If you have any more questions, contact us on our Facebook or Instagram, and we will offer our expert advice.

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