4 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Winter Renovation

As the mercury drops over winter, it is often a perfect time to look inward (from an interior design perspective) and give your home that needed TLC that went walkabout over the hotter, lazier months. Home renovations can be overwhelming and intimidating, and surprisingly, not everyone enjoys their 7th trip to bunnings in one weekend. There are, however, some easy ways to level up your winter renovation without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Here are our 4 simple ways to spice up your winter reno from the lighting experts at Andrews Light Up.

1. A New Fan

I know what you’re thinking. A fan? In the middle of Winter? I know it’s unbelievable, but clever use of a fan in a room can really elevate the surrounding furnishings, new additions, and decor. A new fan doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Plus, most newer fan models come with a reverse switch built for winter to get that warm ceiling air circulating throughout your rooms.

Don’t believe us? Check out Energy Star’s Efficient Ceiling Fan write up on “Using the Ceiling Fan Year Round

For a Hamptons setting, we would recommend the palm-frond-inspired FIJI fan by Swift Fans. Good for alfresco/indoor areas, the FIJI boasts weather-proof ABS blades and a plastic coating that makes cleaning a breeze. This beauty is sure to turn any renovation efforts into something truly spectacular.

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In a more contemporary-styled environment, the YAMBA by Swift Fans is an ideal choice. ABS blades and housing make it perfect for any room in your home. With the right placement, the YAMBA can accentuate and highlight creative and stylistic choices from your reno.

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2. A New Pendant

Every renovation needs a bright, exciting new feature piece to complement your new design choices. Whether that be through a bold, stand-alone pendant, or a cluster of shades, suspended lighting is a brilliant way to top off your reno.

The Mette shade suspended over a dining room table.

For Hamptons styling, we love a natural cane shade. These beauties work wonders as a solo piece or in a cluster, and can really enhance any space. Perfect for kitchen or dining, or even over your bedside if you have space.

The TANAH or the METTE are both ideal choices, but you can check out our full range of natural pendants by clicking here.

In a contemporary setting, our pick is the CHELSEA satellite pendant. This stunner works wonders in most spaces (that it will fit into!) and is sure to turn some heads and start some conversations. A practical fixture too, with pivoting arms that can be angled and adjusted to fit any room and any personality. The exposed globe setup allows you to show off some more stylish bulb choices, such as a vintage filament. Certain to add pizzazz to your winter renovation.

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3. A New Floor Lamp

It’d be easy to scoff at the suggestion of a mere floor lamp as something that can round out a room, but you’d be surprised. The right lamp in the right area can accentuate features of your architecture, create a certain mood, or even serve a functional purpose for reading or study.

The UP2 is a functional powerhouse, featuring an integrated LED panel that can be fully rotated up or down, as well as an adjustable goose-neck lamp for reading or other tasks. The panel is perfect for accentuating certain features within a space, such as architecture or art. The UP2 adds style and functionality to any living or bed space.

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The DOME, while functional, is also a gorgeous retro piece that adds an amazing depth of substance to any room. This lamp works wonders as a reading lamp for your favourite armchair, or even in your bedroom/study area. This floor lamp is highly adaptable to most settings & stylings.

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4. An Outdoor Light

Not all renovations are limited to the indoors! Winter is a great time to get some hard work done outside before the temperatures soar. Outdoor lights are a perfect way to accentuate your new outdoor reno choices, and add a bit of spice to your alfresco areas in time for the entertaining seasons.

The Hudson Wall Mounted light

Our HUDSON light is ideal for Hamptons, contemporary, mid-century & traditional homes, a truly dynamic piece. This outdoor barn-style wall light is lined with a white inner to provide better light reflection. If your outdoor renovation needs a wall light that evokes feelings of farmland, the HUDSON is perfect for you.

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The Oxley up & down facing wall mounted light

The twin spotlight OXLEY is an outdoor light designed to cast light up and down a wall, beam or pillar in an outdoor area. Constructed from raw copper with a polished finish, this spotlight will develop a beautiful natural patina over time, adding to its appeal in a natural setting. The OXLEY is certain to lift your renovation efforts to another level.

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So if you’re after a sweat-free way to improve your renovation this winter, we hope this list has helped. If you have any renovation queries, feel free to jump on over to our Facebook or Instagram and swing us a message! One of our lighting experts will be in touch to help you out in any way they can.