Want to save power?

Are you looking for ways to cut your power bill? Changing inefficient incandescent and halogen globes to efficient LED could save you up to 90% of your lighting energy costs.

Advances in LED technology now make the change to new energy saving technology easier and more affordable.

There are now LED retrofit options for most old technology incandescent and halogen globes, most of them offering similar light output for a fraction of the power cost. A 7 Watt LED “conventional” globe produces over 600 lumens – that is what an incandescent 60Watt globe used to produce. That is using almost 90% less power for the same light output.

The life of most LED globes is rated above 30,000 hours, lasting 30 times longer than the old technology 1000 hour globe.

Most importantly the cost of quality LED globes is coming down – 5 years ago a 7 Watt “conventional” style LED globe would cost close to $20, last year they were down to $12, by the end of this year they will be well below $10.

Remember, that there are always “cheap” options available, and often quality is compromised. We recommend Allume LED globes, as they offer a 3 year replacement guarantee when used domestically – giving you peace of mind.