CCT LED | Everything You Need To Know

CCT LED light is a new innovation in LED lighting, but what is it exactly? How can it be a benefit to you and your home?

CCT refers to Colour Changing Technology. While most LED panels are one temperature, meaning you decide the warmth of light pre-purchase, CCT allows you to change the LED’s colour temperature on the fly. Colour changing technology typically ranges from warm white to daylight.

This technology gives you the flexibility to decide what kind of temperature looks best in your space, even after your purchase. In more modern homes, specifically their living or dining rooms, a natural or cool white is quite common. In more traditional homes our customers lean towards a warmer white, particularly usually in bedrooms.

This allows you to install the same fitting throughout your home for consistency’s sake. This also grants flexibility to cater to the color temperature needs of any room.

Furthermore, to better understand the difference between the glows each temperature would emit, check out our CCT demonstration.

Otherwise, the Kelvin scale will show you in more detail where a certain temperature sits on the spectrum. See below:


Our Range Of CCT

We have a great range of CCT products that will allow you to revolutionize the way you light your home.

  • The VANA CCT LED is our most popular surface-mounted ceiling light. The contemporary design of the Vana features a quality Sanan LED panel diffused by a frosted acrylic panel. Vana provides an even light source ideal for kitchen or living areas.
  • The LUNA DC Hugger Fan with CCT LED is a high performance, efficient DC ceiling fan, designed to sit close to the ceiling whilst still allowing optimal airflow. Made with ABS plastic blades and motor cover, LUNA is perfect for indoors, alfresco areas, or coastal regions.
  • The TITAN CCT LED Downlight is a tilt-adjustable recessed downlight. Perfect for highlighting a feature or piece of art.
  • The highly efficient KORE LED Oyster is ideal for use in many applications, including protected outdoor areas. Available in three sizes, suitable for ceiling or wall mounting.

If you have any more questions regarding CCT or beyond, contact us today for a lighting consultation.