Choose The Right Cooling Option For Your Home

It’s that time of year. The mercury is rising, tempers are getting short, and households around the country are starting their annual debate. No, not whether to watch the tennis or cricket, but which option is better for cooling your home – air-conditioning or ceiling fans?

Cool your home for less 

One of the top factors is price and cooling a large space can prove costly. Air-conditioners of all shapes and sizes can be expensive to run, particularly if you don’t choose the right sized unit for your home. Split system air-conditioners can cost between 33 cents and 40 cents an hour to run and a large ducted air-conditioning system can cost anywhere from $1.48 to $1.94 per hour to run.

If you’re looking to save money while keeping cool, ceiling fans are the cheapest option on the market and they’re also better for the environment. Ceiling fans use 90 percent less energy than air-conditioning and only cost around 2 cents an hour to run. That’s a huge saving for your wallet and the planet!

A ceiling fan can make a room feel between 7 and 10 degrees cooler, using “wind chill factor” to cool you down. So while the actual temperature of the room might not change, your body temperature will.

Of course, there’s always the option to run your ceiling fan at the same time as your air-conditioner, with the fans helping to push the cooler air downwards.

Air Conditioning or Ceiling Fans – Which Looks Better?

Is design important to you? Air-conditioning units can be pretty standard looking, but at Andrews Light Up we offer ceiling fans in a range of styles and colours which will suit any décor and any ceiling height.

Our extensive ceiling fan range includes AC (alternating fans) and DC (direct current) energy saving models. AC fans are simple, robust and effective in moving the air around your home. DC fans are a slightly more expensive option, but their lower energy consumption makes them a better mid to long term investment.

Our AC ceiling fans are supplied with a 3-speed wall control and are simple to install. Our range of DC ceiling fans are supplied with a remote control for speed, direction (forwards for summer and reverse for winter) and light if included.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning and Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is something else to consider when cooling your home this summer. Air-conditioners need to be checked on a regular basis and at the very least, the filters need to be removed and cleaned each season.

For ceiling fans, all they require is a quick wipe over to keep the dust to a minimum. Once a year it’s a good idea to hop up the ladder and check all the screws are still in place.

Choose the Right Ceiling Fan For You

If you’re unsure on what fan will suit you, speak to one of our friendly professionals online, over the phone or in store – we’ll be able to walk you through positioning, size, installation and everything in between.