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6 Powerful Outdoor Lights That Will Revolutionize Your Patio

As Aussies around the country prepare for that familiar sweltering Summer sun, it’s important to check in on the areas that were neglected while we were all in hibernation. Pool, how are you doing? Outdoor seating area, are you holding up ok? Garden, are you still alive? With Summer just over the horizon, it’s time […]

Make Your Garden Glow | Lighting Tips For Your Outdoor Area

Light Up your outdoor area with Andrews Light Up! When it comes to outdoor lighting, the saying “less is more” should be in the back of your mind 24/7. Unlike indoor lighting, outdoor requires less artificial light to accentuate light, shadows, and patterns in your garden. It can be helpful to walk around your outdoor […]

Creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space

Small Spaces Small outdoor entertaining spaces are not necessarily a disadvantage when it comes to decorating. By incorporating a few different elements in a small space will make it appear larger. Decking is a great idea to make the entertaining spaces pop as well as pot plants, hanging lights and vertical gardens. In order to […]

Outdoor Garden Lighting

Outdoor garden lighting allows you to add charm and character to your garden at night while making it safe and more secure. Creative garden lighting concentrates on subtle schemes that create atmosphere and enhance the plants, garden features and surrounding architecture. It is important to visualise the effect you want to achieve first – then […]