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Workspace Lighting Tips | Creating The Right Atmosphere In Your Home Office

With more and more people working from home given the current climate, we thought it only fitting to discuss one of the most important aspects of managing mood throughout the day: lighting up your workspace. Given so much time is currently being spent in the home office, the way you light the room can have […]

Bedroom Lighting Tips | Light Up Your Modern Bedroom

With all this time indoors, it’s important to consider the lighting in your rooms. Lighting is key to managing your mood, as well as providing a vital service to any space in your home. What is the purpose of the lighting in the room? What are your goals when picking a certain light, or pendant? […]

Is Black the New White? | Using Black Feature Lighting

Providing that exciting contrast, a black light fitting makes a statement. In most applications, the use of a black feature lighting draws attention without shouting and most often doesn’t clash with every other “colour”. While black is not a colour, it is probably fast becoming the “colour” most often used in feature lighting. Using black […]

Make Your Garden Glow | Lighting Tips For Your Outdoor Area

Light Up your outdoor area with Andrews Light Up! When it comes to outdoor lighting, the saying “less is more” should be in the back of your mind 24/7. Unlike indoor lighting, outdoor requires less artificial light to accentuate light, shadows, and patterns in your garden. It can be helpful to walk around your outdoor […]

Take a trip down memory lane | Vintage and Retro Styling Tips

Adding hints of traditional, vintage features or retro-inspired accents, you can create the ultimate modern home with a nostalgic feel attached. Nothing says home more than putting your own unique spin on classic interior styling, so we’ve outlined a few tips to guide you through your restyling mission. Vintage Styling The early 20th century introduced […]

Choose The Right Cooling Option For Your Home

It’s that time of year. The mercury is rising, tempers are getting short, and households around the country are starting their annual debate. No, not whether to watch the tennis or cricket, but which option is better for cooling your home – air-conditioning or ceiling fans? Cool your home for less  One of the top […]

Creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space

Small Spaces Small outdoor entertaining spaces are not necessarily a disadvantage when it comes to decorating. By incorporating a few different elements in a small space will make it appear larger. Decking is a great idea to make the entertaining spaces pop as well as pot plants, hanging lights and vertical gardens. In order to […]

Renovation Interior Design Inspiration

The best part of a renovation? Choosing the inspiration. If you’re interested in this year’s interior design trends keep on reading. Minimal It is no surprise that minimalist interior design is majorly trending at the moment. As a simple, cost effective layout, this design creates more room space and accentuates stand out furniture pieces. Use […]

How To Plan Your Next Renovation

Renovations are a valuable and rewarding experience. Though, it can be a challenging task, there is nothing more rewarding than turning a house into a home. To begin your journey, there are a few things you should consider. Timing First of all, the timing of your renovation. You may feel inspired and ready to start […]

Bringing new lighting ideas to the table

Effective lighting, particularly table lamps, can make such a difference to your home. Changing the atmosphere in your space can be as simple as flicking the switch and turning on a lamp. A well-placed table lamp can raise the décor of any room. But how do you know which one to choose? And are there […]